Learning from the past
The German family business was founded in 1845 by Carl Philipp Fissler in Idar-Oberstein. Today the brand stands for cooking with pleasure and passion and is one of the world’s leading brands for high-quality cookware.

Fissler is still family-owned, as it was over 170 years ago, and employs around 700 people. Worldwide a Fissler brand product is bought every three seconds. By the way: some 90% of all products are manufactured in Germany.

The principal milestones:

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Carl Philipp Fissler founds the company in Idar-Oberstein – originally as a plumbing and fitting business.

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Fissler invents the field kitchen and switches its focus to the production of pots and pans.

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Fissler develops vitavit®, the first pressure cooker with a multi-setting control valve.

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Fissler is the first German manufacturer to produce a nonstick (PTFE) coating to ensure the pans are particularly durable and easy to clean.

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In Hoppstädten-Weiersbach, in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Fissler founds a second plant with a production area of 11,000 m2. Fissler also presents the innovative saftomat® roaster with a strainer inset for automatic liquid feed.

opc 40jahre 01

The original pro collection® comes on the market and is developing a bestseller.

profi pot

The first stainless steel cookware line with stay-cool metal handles conquers the market.

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Fissler introduces the Fissler magic line cookware range, which offers ingenious functions and products that are designed to satisfy the requirements of modern cooking methods. The line wins 15 international design awards.

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To mark its 150th anniversary Fissler sets new standards with the CookStar all-stove base.

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Fissler shows a sense of family with the new cast-aluminum black edition line. The high-quality coating permits low-fat cooking and is particularly suitable for simple and quick meals.

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Fissler relaunches the world’s most successful cookware line original pro collection®.

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Modern design and attractive additional functions: Fissler introduces the new cooking system intensa® onto the market.

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Cooking with class: Fissler presents the premium cookware line solea® which combines individual design with ingenious functions.

The new pressure generation 2009

The new pressure generation: With the vitavit® comfort and the vitavit® premium, a new generation of pressure cookers has arrived in German kitchens.

165 Years Fissler

At home in German kitchens for 165 years. Fissler cookware - "Made in Germany".

pressure cooker vitavit® edition

The pressure cooker line vitavit® is complete with the new model vitavit® edition.

cast iron arcana®

The new arcana® cast iron range for the traditional kitchen.

Topfserie luno®

Cooking can be so much more than a necessary task - the new luno® premium line.


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