Coporate mission statement

Fissler products are well worth their price. For quality has been a Fissler tradition for 170 years. Every Fissler product has been meticulously designed and expertly manufactured. The form and function of our products are perfectly harmonized and will make cooking all the more enjoyable. This is our brand promise.

Our work is centered on attempting to offer the end-consumer products and services which provide unique advantages.

We work constructively and in partnership with our suppliers and customers. We want to learn from you and rank among the best in a competitive comparison.

We want to remain an autonomous company.

We want our organization to be as decentralized as possible, but we recognize that certain functions must be centralized.

We emphasize the personal responsibility of each employee. We lead by means of discussion, agreements on targets and success control.

We always aim for exemplary quality in our products and services.

We want employees who are well-trained, motivated and dedicated; they should rank among the best in a competitive comparison.

We speak with each other often and honestly . We handle information in our company openly and responsibly.

We want an environment which promotes ideas and progress. We encourage our employees to be creative.

We approve of profit and regard it as the driving force to safeguard the company.


Do you have any questions, suggestions or wishes with regard to our products ? The Fissler Customer Service will be pleased to help you.

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